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Heavy Duty Accumulation Conveyor from TKF Uses Single Drive to Control Multiple Accumulation Zones

TKF's zoned accumulation conveyor with roll-to-roll chain driven live rollers (CDLR), is designed to handle medium to heavy-duty loads.  The zone lengths can be designed to coincide with the product lengths. The entire conveyor length is then driven by a single power unit.  Each accumulation zone is driven by air-operated clutches that are controlled by photo-eyes and solenoids located in each zone.  While sensor rollers are available, the all electric sensing eliminates the wear and tear of a sensor roller.  The single drive configuration requires less power than multi-drive systems and produces a clean, low maintenance system.

TKF Zoned Accumulation ConveyorTKF's accumulation conveyor is also designed with each clutch assembly mounted on the side frame of the conveyor, instead of underneath.  This creates a very low profile that positions the top of each roller as low as 6 inches off the floor, making it ideal for heavy loads and pallet conveying.  It also provides a very accessible location for moving parts, which makes maintenance very easy.

Roller diameters are available in diameters of 1.9 inches, 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches and widths up to 60 inches.  Weight loads up to 6000 lbs. are typical.

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Streamlined Design and Construction Results in Low Maintenance, Quiet Pop-Up Transfer Conveyor


TKF offers pop-up transfer conveyors designed for smooth, quiet, trouble free operation. One of the company's most popular models is a light-duty unit desPop-up Transfer Conveyorigned to handle loads up to 250 pounds. It utilizes economical and compact motorized roller driven strands, eliminating noisy chain drives. There are no vertical guides or cam ramps used for positioning, and no slides or bearings used in its construction, making it simple to maintain.

The light-duty model is available with urethane V-belt, urethane o-ring, or chain strands. The number of strands and stroke height can be customized to suit particular application needs. Heavier duty models are also available through TKF that utilize traditional motor drives.

Pop-up transfer conveyors lift items vertically raising them above the bed of the feeding conveyor, then conveys them 90° to an adjoining or adjacent conveyor. The transfer uses mechanical linkage to guide lifting. They are ideal for the computer and electronic component, food and beverage, appliance, automotive, and glass industries where non-contact between product is crucial. 

PosiGrip Accumulation Conveyor From TKF Allows Non-Contact Conveying Around Virtually Any Degree of Curve


PosiGrip Accumulation Curve ConveyorTKF’s popular PosiGrip accumulation conveyor can be configured to convey product around virtually any degree of curve, while maintaining non-contact, zero pressure accumulation. The system is ideal for the computer and electric component, food and beverage, appliance, automotive, and glass industries when non-contact between products is crucial.

Accumulation zones are driven by motorized rollers, each with a drive card that allows easy adjustment of speed. The drive roller stops as product reaches the photo-eye at the discharge point of the zone, virtually ensuring no contact. Zones can be individually controlled for specific assembly areas and are available in various widths. When used with TKF’s PosiGrip Accumulation Conveyor, the curve allows for uninterrupted accumulation with no external sensors or logic required.

PosiGrip roller drive gear teeth are formed directly into the rollers and powered by smooth, quiet synchronous belting in a positive drive. This provides superior drive force compared to line shaft and O-ring styles of conveyors.

The rollers are driven by belts so there is no metal-to-metal contact resulting in quiet operation. It requires no lubrication, and there are no separate sprockets, gears, or welded drive components making it cleaner and easier to maintain than comparable conveyors. PosiGrip is ideal for most any work condition, and runs smoothly in both clean and tough, rugged conditions.

Counterweighted Lift Mechanism Reduces Horsepower and Power Requirements on TKF’s Reciprocating Vertical Conveyors


Reciprocating Vertical ConveyorTKF’s line of reciprocating vertical conveyors feature counterweighted lift mechanisms that cut the effective unit load weight in half, thereby reducing horsepower and power requirements. Standard models are available with unit load capacities up to 6000 lbs, with a vertical travel of up to 100 ft.

Load and unload points can be incorporated at any height, and on any side of the unit. This permits “Z”, “C” or right angle flow. Lift speeds can range from 10 – 200 FPM, using either chain or belt drives, with the higher speeds made possible with variable frequency drives.

The bed, while typically constructed of roller conveyor, can be designed using virtually any type of conveyor, including TKF's innovative PosiGrip.

Other features include a 4-post design; full top to bottom guarding regardless of load capacity; and a shaft-mounted drive that reduces maintenance requirements, without a loss in horsepower.

TKF’s reciprocating vertical conveyors are used in a wide variety of applications where items need to be moved from one level to another, including basements, mezzanines, balconies, or within multi-story buildings; or even from building to building – manufacturing to warehousing for example.

TKF Launches Comprehensive New Website


TKF has redesigned and relaunched its website at New, comprehensive information is included on the company’s systems integration capabilities, as well as its conveying products including vertical conveyors, its PosiGrip accumulation conveyor, overhead monorail, roller conveyor and more.

The new site includes many photographs that illustrate each of the company’s areas of expertise. With over 60 years of experience, TKF has done thousands of applications across all major industrial markets.

All available literature is easily downloaded from the site, as well as available parts lists and manuals.


Enhancements to Valu-Lift™ Vertical Conveyors From TKF Result in Lower Maintenance Requirements, High Speed


Valu-Lift Vertical Continuous LiftTKF has improved on its popular Valu-Lift™ Vertical Conveyor, redesigning the systems take-up and stub shaft assemblies to utilize internal ball bearings as opposed to bronze bushings. This design enhancement greatly reduces maintenance issues, and increases the life of the assemblies.

The Valu-Lift vertical conveyor is a four-strand, continuous lift, light-duty conveyor designed to handle cartons and other smooth-bottom unit loads up to 50 pounds. It offers economical modular construction and a patented platform designed specifically for efficient high-speed operation, low maintenance and simplified and quick assembly.

The unique platform design consists of simple, lightweight interlocking molded polymer flights with steel connecting pins and lifts at a maximum speed of 118 fpm. The conveyor can operate in up, down or reversible mode.

Standard net lifting heights range up to 20’-0” with customized heights available. The Valu-Lift’s maximum unit load is 50 lbs., with a length of up to 26”, and width of 16”,

Standard safety features include a 24 volt DC control, a current sensing relay, which instantly shuts down the conveyor if it is overloaded, totally enclosed shroud-type tunnel guards and a smooth, clean design.

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