Overhead Conveyors


Specialists in overhead conveyor systems, the automotive and tire industries have long trusted us to design and install critical systems to help them meet productivity goals. Our team of experienced engineers have designed enclosed track conveyor, I-Beam, X348, X458, X678, monorail systems, and power and free conveyors including track over 3, 3 over 3, 4 over 4, and 4 over 6.

Power and free conveyor systems support a wide variety of applications allowing static operations at work stations, mechanical accumulation of carriers, independent movement of carriers throughout the system, as well as switching which allows segregation of carriers for various requirements.

These systems are offered in capacities ranging from 50 pounds (or less) to 6,000 pounds per carrier and carrier production rates up to 80 carriers per hour.

We utilize power & free components from the Jervis B. Webb Company under their distributorship agreement.

New! See how Sweco overhauled its part painting painting process with our overhead, power and free monorail conveyor.



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