Solutions for the future

TKF provides the industry a comprehensive range of conveyor based material handling services including initial engineering concepts, final system design, manufacture and installation. Specific solutions include systems integration; vertical conveyors, both reciprocating and continuous vertical conveyors; our unique PosiGrip Motorized Roller (MDR) conveyor; overhead, monorail, power and free conveyors; pop-up transfer conveyor; multi-strand chain and belt conveyors; accumulation conveyor; roller conveyor; and a variety of custom engineered material handling systems.

From turnkey systems where we function as your systems integrator, to specific engineered product solutions, we specialize in conveying solutions for the automotive, appliance, paper goods, packaging, food/drug preparation as well as other manufacturing and processing industries.

Our Mission

We strive to build and market the very best product in a safe and friendly environment. Our well-designed and engineered products are manufactured quickly and efficiently. In addition to our focus on manufacturing excellence, we maintain a strong commitment to optimum quality and customer satisfaction. By following this philosophy, we will attain all other goals as a byproduct of our continuing effort.

TKF management policy will continue to maintain open doors - and open minds - to all employees in order that everyone's knowledge, ability and efforts can continue to benefit the company and its customers.