Company History

Over 70 years in the business

TKF company was founded and incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1947 under the name of Associated Millwrights, Inc. Primarily an installation company at that time, the company specialized in the installation of brewery equipment such as pasteurizers, washers and the associated conveyors. The company was also installing a considerable amount of equipment for the Kroger coffee, dairy, and food divisions.

In 1954, Associated millwrights purchased a machine shop located at our present site.The name of the machine shop was T.K.F., Engineering and laundry machine Co. The old T.K.F., which manufactured laundry equipment, was founded before World War I by three men named Timmerman, Kipp, and Foster.

In 1958, the company began manufacturing conveyors and changed the name to T.K.F. Engineering Co. Later, this was shortened to T.K.F., Inc. in 1973.

In 1979, we developed a line of vertical conveyors, adding standard material handling solutions to its custom conveyor system business. Shortly thereafter, we developed standard 3" and 4" overhead monorail conveyors.

In the 90's we introduced our medium to heavy live roller, accumulation, and Patented PosiGrip MDR conveyors as well as the Valulift and 6000# continuous vertical conveyor.

In 2011 TKF partnered with Federal Equipment Company (FEC) a Cincinnati, OH based supplier of integrated systems to the defense industry and commercial helicopter market.

We continue to grow and expand our systems integration business, while improving on key standard material handling products.