Pop-up Transfer Conveyors

Our Pop-Up Transfer Conveyor lifts items vertically, and then transfers it 90° to an adjoining conveyor. The system utilizes a patented mechanical linkage to guide lifting. Transfer strands are driven by a motorized roller, eliminating chain driven motor and gearbox resulting in quiet low maintenance operation. There are no vertical guides or cam ramps used for positioning, and no slides or bearings used in its construction, making the Pop-up Transfer Conveyor simple to maintain.

Users can choose from Urethane V-Belt, Urethane O-ring, or chain strands, and can specify the number of strands and stroke height to suit particular application needs.

The Pop-Up Transfer Conveyor is ideal for the computer and electronic component, food and beverage, appliance, automotive, and glass industries where no contact between products is crucial. To ensure non-contact product spacing, a variable speed driver control card is included to control speed differential.