Conveying Products

We offer a variety of engineered material handling products, including vertical lifts, conveyors, overhead monorail, accumulation conveyor, roller conveyor and custom conveyor systems that are used extensively in applications across North and South America. You'll find that quality and efficiency are trademarks of all the products we manufacture. Please choose from the categories below for information on each respective product category.

Reciprocating Vertical Lifts

For maximum economy in multi-level material handling, TKF Reciprocating Vertical Conveyors provide:

• Counterweighted design decreases horsepower requirements & power consumption

• Higher throughputs & speeds than the competition

Continuous Vertical Lifts

With the teeth formed directly into the rollers, our PosiGrip accumulation conveyor, Posigrip curve and transfer, etc. have no separate sprocket or gears and no welded drive components. The rollers are powered by smooth-operating and quiet, synchronous belting in a positive 24 volt MDR drive. Since there is no metal-to-metal contact, no lubrication is required.

PosiGrip Accumulation Conveyor

Our continuous vertical lift offer numerous cost-efficient benefits, including high speed, high throughput, a simple, proven low-maintenance design, a wide selection of standardized units from modular components, and fully assembled. Available from 50# unit load models up to 6000# unit load.

Overhead Conveyors

Specialists in overhead conveyor systems, the automotive, appliance and tire industries have long trusted us to design and install critical systems to help them meet productivity goals. Our team of experienced engineers have designed enclosed track conveyor, I-Beam, X348, X458, X678, monorail systems, and power and free conveyors including enclosed track over 3, 3 over 3, 4 over 4, and 4 over 6.

Popup Transfer

Our Pop-Up Transfer Conveyor lifts your product vertically, and then conveys it 90° to an adjoining conveyor. The system utilizes a patented mechanical linkage to guide the lifting. Multiple Strands of belt or chain are driven by a motorized roller resulting in quiet. There are no vertical guides or cam ramps used for positioning, and no slides or bearings used in its construction, making the Pop-up Transfer Conveyor simple to maintain.

Accumulation Conveyor

Our zoned accumulation conveyors are zone controlled for safe, reliable non-contact accumulation of even the heaviest, bulkiest loads. They are available in medium duty and heavy duty roller diameters. Capacities range from 20 lbs. to a maximum of 6,000 lbs., making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Conveyors are available with medium duty 1.9” or heavy duty 2.5” roller diameters in widths up to 60”, depending on load and roller size.

Roller Conveyor

We offer a wide variety of roller conveyor systems, all custom designed to customers exacting specifications. Call us with your particular needs, and we will design, build and install a cost effective and reliable solution

Custom Conveyors

We design, build and install custom conveyors for many customers across the globe. Our engineering expertise and experience in wide variety of industries allows us to design custom cost effectively solutions based your specific needs.

V-Roller Conveyor

Our custom bowtie conveyor systems are designed to convey pipe and other cylindrically shaped products efficiently and safely within a small footprint. Sometimes called a “V” roller, the trough shape of the roller allows the product to be conveyed while virtually eliminating the side-to-side movement associated with typical round object conveying.