Flyer Describes TKF Zoned Accumulations Conveyors That Provide Safe, Reliable Non-Contact Accumulation

June 2, 2008


A four-color flyer describes all the advantages of the TKF Inc. zoned accumulation conveyors, which are zone controlled for safe, reliable non-contact accumulation of even the heaviest, bulkiest loads.

The capacities of TKF zoned accumulation conveyors range from 20 lbs. to a maximum of 5,000 lbs., making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. The flyer provides full specifications for conveyors available with either medium duty 1.9" or heavy duty 2.5" roller diameters in widths up to 60", depending on load and roller size.

A single assembly consists of a roll-to-roll chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor divided into individually powered zones of a pre-set length. A single power unit drives the entire conveyor length, and each zone is driven by an air-controlled clutch, controlled by a pneumatic sensor at the end of each zone.

When a load enters the TKF zoned accumulation conveyor, it is driven to the farthest unoccupied zone. The load actuates the sensor at the end of that zone, which disengages the zone's clutch and readies the succeeding zone.

When the next load reaches the end of the succeeding zone, its clutch is de-energized, and the sequence is repeated until all zones are filled. When a load is removed from the conveyor's exit end, its sensor is disengaged, signaling the accumulated loads to move up in sequence, filling the next vacated zone.

Unlike most other conveyor designs, the TKF zoned accumulation conveyor offers a compact configuration as little as 6" from floor to top of roller since the complete clutch assembly is within the side frame rather than underneath.

The TKF design is clean and simple, so TKF zoned accumulation conveyors run quietly and require little maintenance. Engineered for low air consumption, the conveyors use standard, plant quality compressed air.

The flyer also describes the available options which include standard channel side frames, reversing operation, online workstations, special widths to 60", special zone or section lengths, solenoid-operated zones, zone brakes, and batch releaseĀ controls.

TKF specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered conveying systems for the appliance, packaging, automotive, food/drug preparation and other manufacturing and processing industries. Conveyor types include vertical, accumulation, carousel, overhead, and transfer units.

About TKF
TKF designs, builds and installs conveying systems. The company's services range from systems integration, initial engineering concepts and final design, to manufacturing and installation. TKF's manufactured products include reciprocating and continuous vertical conveyors, PosiGrip conveyor, overhead, monorail and power and free conveyor, popup transfer, accumulation, curve, roller and a variety of custom engineered conveyor and material handling systems.

Mr. Jim Walsh
TKF, Inc.

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