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Nov. 14, 2016

I now feel that I am truly a man of the new millennium. I am writing my first blog. That felt good. See ya next time. Oh, it needs to be a little longer and have a semblance of substance, you say. This may be harder than I thought when I agreed to this. I could write some cutting edge information about conveyors. Considering I just sell the stuff, people would probably realize that I don't actually know anything about conveyors. Maybe I should just wing it and throw out some topics and see if anything sticks.

Speaking of the new millennium, there was talk of me getting a Facebook page. I don't really know what it is, but I know I want it. I asked my daughter to be my friend on Facebook (I think that's what they call it), she politely told me "no". Actually, she asked me if I was as stupid as my question. I wonder if Facebook is actually just  more technologically advanced vehicle for me to face rejection. When I was younger, I had a blind date with a girl named Louise. I walked up to a young lady and said "Are you Louise?" She asked "Are you Jim?" I said yes. She said, "I'm not Louise." If you don't know Rodney Dangerfield, then I made that joke up. If you do, then please be quiet to the other guys.

I guess that despite the blog, I ‘m not really a new millennium kind of guy. I suppose I could talk about the things that I know well. I don't think sitting on the couch and watching sporting events gives me a unique perspective. So much for that idea.

Maybe I should start by introducing myself. My name is Jim Walsh. I am the Vice President of Sales for TKF, Inc. As you have already surmised since I am writing this blog, I am a new millennium kind of guy. Here are some topics for future blogs:

Acronyms - Friend or Foe. Sure, they shorten things, but they can darn confusing.

Vertical conveying options - Actual topic with value. (I'll probably get a ghost blogger for this one.)

VFDs - Are they over-specified and when are they necessary?

Accumulation - Zero-pressure versus minimum pressure.

Overhead Power & Free Conveyor - Not just for the big factory?

If either of the two readers of this blog have any items that they wish me to comment on, please forward them to me. It can be anything. I am in sales, so having knowledge about a topic has never been a prerequisite for comment.

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